Jean Chartron

Located in the prestigious Puligny-Montrachet village of the Côte-d'Or sub region of Burgundy, Domaine Jean Chartron has been governed by five family generations concerned with both the expansion and prosperity of this prestigious vineyard.

The history of the Chartron family is closely entwined with Puligny-Montrachet. The first of the family dynasty and the mayor of the village, Jean-Edouard Dupard, proudly obtained the excusive right to associate the name of his village with the prestigious Montrachet title. 

Built on the lowest part of a mountainous slope, Jean Chartron enjoys a supreme microclimate. The soil is rich in clay, siliceous sand and limestone. With a restricted number of vine varieties, mainly pinot noir and chardonnay, the area is a study of excellence regarding the expression of the soil.

Jean Chartron’s vineyards support organic wine-producing techniques. 

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