Trocard family is probably the oldest vineyard family in the Bordeaux area, with no fewer than 15 successive generations of winemakers. They found old parchments dated 1628 testify that Jean-Louis Trocard ancestors had vines. The Trocard family-owned vineyards expanded with Jean Trocard, who showed his talents of wine maker in 1945, after the Second World War.

In 1976, Jean-Louis took over from his father on the estate, joined by his wife Elizabeth to develop commercial field.

In 2002, Benoit Trocard, Jean-Louis oldest son, is back on the estate after finishing his studies. Now Jean-Louis Trocard and his son, perpetuate the family know-how over 14 Estates located in 6 various appellations on a 100ha area.

Together, they strive to keep working as their ancestors, with the same approach and same passion preserving traditional methods.


The different Estates of Jean-Louis Trocard are located on 6 various appellations, giving a very large range of wines with plural characteristics. Soils have also a lead role.

Gravels soils are perfect for Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon, Lalande de Pomerol appellation reflects perfectly well this kind of potential with l’Ambroisie. The wines are always elegant with aromas complexity with loads of red fruits.

Clay and gravel soil on the upper bank of the Isle river valley is usually called «Golden Crescent» of Pomerol, where Clos de La Vieille Eglise is located. This harmonious association gives strong wine with elegance. Cabernet Franc contributes to bring an outstanding freshness and ensures a remarkable cellaring.

Château Porte Chic’ terroir, with sand and clay soil, provides a wine with an intense nose and bouquet of red fruits and floral notes.

The range


In Greek mythology, ambrosia was the food of the gods. L’Ambroisie, was planted by Jean-Louis Trocard grandfather 60 years ago, on a 2ha area in Lalande de Poemrol. A 100% Merlot from the right bank which provides a beautiful maturity, concentration and finesse. 18 months ageing in 100% new oak barrels.



At the origin, Clos de la Vieille Eglise was part of l’Eglise Clinet vineyard. This incredible wine embodies all the qualities of the finest Pomerol wines. It has been acclaimed by famous worlwide critics. A strong wine with lof of elegance ageing 20 months in 100% new oak barrels.



Near Pomerol, The old track attracted the attention of the Trocard family for its terroir and history. Benoit, immediately had a thought for "Papillon Porte Chic", the family thoroughbred which gave its name to the Château Porte Chic. Aged in oak barrels during 18 months. Château Porte Chic has a dark, red and deep robe. An intense nose, with a bouquet of red fruits.

Key people
Jean Louis Trocard is the 14th generation of wine makers. Now Jean-Louis Trocard owns 100 hectares and employs a staff of 28 persons. He’s deeply rooted to his region. One of his main goal is to keep traditional rules while continuing to make very modern wines.